Since 1996, Natalie Yahalomi travelled the world for many years, learning about complementary and alternative treatments. With her wonderful enthusiasm for life and compassion for those around her, she was able to tap in on her healing capabilities, and develop acute intuitive insight and perceptiveness. In 2007, she trained in Colour Therapy and Aura-Soma® and now dedicates herself to an on-going interest in colour therapy healing. She has never looked back and now sees everything in "colour".

Natalie's fundamental aim is to help people discover and use their full potential for self-healing, their creative powers for personal growth, to find a peaceful balance in their lives, and ultimately to share in the many ways in which colour can be utilised. She provides various holistic treatments using light and colour to potentially promote healing by stimulating the human body to rebalance itself, support and boost the natural healing capabilities of the body, aid pain relief and recovery, bring about physical and emotional changes, release blocks of energy, and ultimately to restore the body to full health.

Natalie is a qualified Colour Therapist, and a Member of The Complementary Therapists Association (CThA) and a Practitioner Member of The International Wheel of Colour (IWOC).

In 2010, Natalie opened her own Colour and Light Therapy business in Hertfordshire, England, and "Chakras in Colour" was born. Chakras in Colour currently operates from a beautiful space in Bushey, and is ideally located for clients in the Hertfordshire, Middlesex and London areas.

We offer various treatment types:

  • Colour/Light Therapy applications (including Silk Therapy & Bioptron Lights)
  • Treatments with Solarised Water
  • Colour Breathing, Colour Meditation and Colour Affirmation guidance/techniques
  • Consultations in coloured Diet, Dress and Décor
  • Introductory Events

To get in touch, or if you require any further information, please see the contact page.

Natalie Yahalomi
Colour Therapist
S.N.H.S. Dip. Colour Therapy