"When I recently had a series of colour therapy treatments with Natalie, I noticed a huge shift in my energy. Now I feel positive, relaxed and balanced! The Bioptron Lights she used had an instant effect, relaxing my body and melting away the pain I have had for months in my right shoulder. The results have been long lasting and more effective than previous courses of physiotherapy I have had. Natalie is an excellent therapist with a caring approach to diagnosis and treatment - you can feel she is sincere in her beliefs and approaches to treatment."
- Male 34, Hertfordshire

"Being that it was my first time trying such a treatment as colour therapy, I wanted to ensure that I remained as open minded as possible. I was not really sure what I hoped to gain from the treatment, and just to feel more relaxed and reflective about my emotional and physical well-being would be a bonus. Natalie was very much the professional and explained the whole process to me from the very beginning. She asked questions and made notes linked to any physical or emotional problems that I may have been experiencing. I felt very much at ease, and conducive to the treatment that was to follow. The treatment was indeed very relaxing and it was very interesting to hear so much of my character traits and physical maladies being picked up through the colour therapy and the energy vibrations, as Natalie explained through the after session discussion that followed. In between treatment practices were also recommended, which I was happy to try and follow as they were not an infringement on my everyday life, and helped to ensure that I got the most out of each session. It was interesting to learn how colour can have such an impact on your everyday life and it was truly a great experience that I would recommend to anyone that wanted to try something a bit different!"
- Female 25, Finchley, London

"Having asked Natalie for some colour therapy for my 3 year old, I was impressed from the outset. Her professional manner, care and concern were first class. She even managed to get a response from a very shy little boy. Natalie explained the benefits to broaden my own knowledge of the therapy and I was very impressed with her detailed understanding and projection of the subject. Having been asked far more questions than I would have been by a GP, Natalie was able to gain a full understanding of the situation and gave me a lot of advice and a plan of action to help with my son's acute shyness. As soon as I put Natalie's advice into practice the effect was immediate. Who knew changing the colours in my son's environment would impact so obviously in his behaviour. It was like looking at a different, much happier boy which was the best present I could have had and well worth the cost. From a neutral believer in the therapy I am totally converted to the concept and advocate the therapy wherever I can. I would definitely use Natalie again and happy to refer her on – she's great!"
- St Albans, Hertfordshire

"I first went to Natalie for my knee that had been causing me considerable pain over a period of time. I'd received physiotherapy and it wasn't working. I went along to Natalie not knowing anything about colour therapy. Natalie and I had a chat about my medical history and various other things, and she chose the colours that complement my personality and areas of concern. She then worked on my knee. At the end of the session Natalie informed me that my knee could be painful for the next 48 hours and then I should feel a difference. This could not have been truer to her word - my knee was painful for two days and then healed. I haven't felt anything since. I stopped physiotherapy and all has been good since. The second time was for pigmentation and ageing lines. Natalie has just started this with me, I have felt my skin has more elasticity and seems to be brighter. I have two more sessions which I am looking forward to and also looking forward to understanding and learning more about colours. I would strongly recommend Natalie to any of my friends or family. It has opened my eyes to a new form of natural healing that works!"
- Anon

"I was very sceptical about the whole colour therapy concept and didn't really feel that I could gain anything from it - how wrong was I! First of all, Natalie has a very calming way about her and puts you at ease very quickly. With my eyes closed I didn't really know what she was doing, but every now and then her hands touched my feet, hands and head. Slowly I began to relax and at one point almost fell asleep! The feeling of calm was evident and when the treatment was over I felt very, very relaxed and extremely euphoric! I actually felt like this for a good while after the treatment and would not hesitate to recommend Natalie's treatment to anyone. Just a footnote to this - I did not tell Natalie that I had a problem with bloatedness - she told me that she could tell, and told me that she had tried to shift it, and guess what - she did! I am completely in awe of what she can do. From a very satisfied client."
- Female 65, Edgware, Middlesex

"Crohn's, insomnia, stress...Natalie and her amazing colour therapy has helped me battle all of these – need I say anymore!"
- Female 34, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire