First Appointment

An initial appointment lasts 1½ hours and includes a full consultation and Light or Silk Therapy treatment. A holistic approach is used, looking at all physical, mental and emotional aspects, and an understanding of the nature of the problem, general health and full medical history is recorded (details of which will remain private and confidential). Once an accurate diagnosis is reached, and if further treatment is appropriate, a treatment plan is formulated specific to your needs. Subsequent treatments can last between 15 minutes to 1 hour.

What to Expect

  • Consultation and treatment with a professionally qualified Colour Therapy practitioner
  • Comfortable environment and relaxing surroundings
  • Light Therapy may require access to bare skin on the affected area
  • Wear white clothing and white under garments – No bright colours
  • Removal of jewellery

Treatment Types

The varying treatment types are formulated and specific to an individual's health concerns and needs. The below gives an explanation of the types of treatments available.

Light Therapy

Using the Swiss made Bioptron Light Therapy System, white light is shone through coloured filters in its intense approach to bathe Chakras and/or affected parts of the body in specific coloured light. It is a powerful form of treatment in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation.


Silk Therapy

Coloured silks are laid over the associated major Chakra points, and a gentle head, neck, hands and feet massage is provided to open the Aura and aid in relaxation. This subtle and relaxing treatment draws in the colours from the purest fabric, which helps to stimulate and unblock the energy centres.

Solarised Water

Drinking or bathing in Solarised Water is one of the easiest ways to absorb colour energies into the body. Guidance is provided on how to make Solarised Water, the appropriate quantities, drinking times and application methods. Advice is given on the many ailments and remedies it can be used for. Solarised Water Bottles can be purchased as part of your on-going Colour Therapy healing.

Breathing & Meditation

meditation chakras Colour Breathing requires you to imagine colours as you breathe deeply. It uses the power of thought vibrations and visualisations, reinforced by the effects of colour vibrations to act with a positive effect on the body. It heightens our awareness of colour and encourages a balance of all the seven major Chakra colours for our well-being, in turn, helping to correct imbalances and energise areas which are depleted of energy.

Colour can help with meditation by enabling the mind to focus and be still. It helps relax the body when visualising coloured shapes, symbols and light, and gives the opportunity of looking and listening to your higher mind and communicating with your inner soul.

In practice of these modalities, Colour Breathing and Colour Meditation can help to strengthen subconscious attunement to colour and together aid in proven relaxation and stress management techniques.


Colour Affirmations work by capturing the mind, imagination, thoughts and energy of the whole. Through guidance and advice, we work on achieving short positive sentences, incorporating the qualities of a particular colour. Affirmations are a type of vibrational energy that can balance and heal the entire being. By visualising specific colours, they can have a direct effect on our physical bodily functions and living tissue, and can influence our glands, which control our hormonal and metabolic systems. Each colour links directly to the subconscious, thus allowing the unknown root cause of people's challenges to be subtly yet powerfully negated. When we use a guided visualisation narrative to incorporate the qualities of a particular colour, we can move stagnant energy and change our ingrained patterns of thought. We are influenced by this positive thinking and thought vibration, and can powerfully change the conditions in and around us, which can additionally start to attract more positive energy.


Colour relates to the food we eat by helping to re-fuel our energy centres and keep our bodies in optimum health and prevent illness. Foods are the specific colours they are for a reason and they contain parallel groups of vitamins, minerals and nutrients essential for our health. Red, orange and yellow foods have an energising and stimulating effect, while green and blue foods are cooling and pacifying. Through knowledge and guidance, an appropriate colour diet can be implemented into your everyday life.

Dress & Décor

Guidance is provided on how to use and absorb colour in dress to help reinforce the colours you would need to work with and/or need to promote in certain situations.

Guidance is also provided on how to use colour in décor at home and work, to help create a supportive, conducive and balanced environment.